Wonder Woman 1984 footage peeked!

We know – the title says so – the upcoming “Wonder Woman” sequel is set in the Reagan-era — but until the first trailer hits, we’ll need get a gist of the tone and plot, only assuming that it’ll be a ‘fun’ period piece that jokes as much about the time it’s set in as it will let Kristen Wiig chew scenery as the villain.

WarnerMedia held their big press event this week – in which they spent much of it plugging HBO Max – and according to IGN, who had a ticket, some footage from Patty Jenkins’ big superhero offering was shown.

Much of the footage appears to be set in Washington DC. We see a shot of Diana and Steve Trevor walking in front of the Washington Monument. Diana is wearing a white, Greek goddess-inspired dress and reaches out to caress Steve’s cheek. Her voice-over narration mourns, “I can almost see it, like a beautiful dream.”

That narration would seem to suggest this is a dream sequence of some sort, though the footage itself looks real enough.

A second scene lends more credence to the idea that Steve Trevor is alive and well and not just a figment of Diana’s imagination. We see Wonder Woman battling enemies inside the White House while wearing her new armor. She protects Steve from gunfire, grabs a gun and unloads it in slow-motion and pulls foes closer with her lasso. Another cryptic shot shows her whipping her lasso around to possibly deflect or redirect a bolt of lightning. Could she be fighting Zeus?”.

No word yet on whether the footage will see its way online.

”Wonder Woman 1984” stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal and Natasha Rothwell; it opens on June 5, 2020.

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