X review: disturbing AF… but in the best possible way

One of the beginning scenes of “X” hits you in the face with a cow that’s been cleaned up by a truck, and its innards are spread across the highway. If this makes you want to gag, then step away now, because that’s probably the most G rated thing “X” will serve you up.

Set in 1979 rural Texas, “X” sees a group of people headed to a reclusive farmhouse to make an adult film – but under the radar of the two very elderly hosts. That’s probably enough of a synopsis you’ll need for “X”, because the beauty of this well-shot film is going in and not knowing what to expect. Given that the group is out to film an adult film, you know upfront you’re going to see some boobs and sex, but there’s really nothing else you can prepare yourself with except to see the line ahead of you – and cross it with not only a step, but one gigantic leap.

Wayne (Martin Henderson) is the producer for the project, employing RJ (Owen Campbell) and girlfriend Lorraine (Jenna Ortega) to film the movie. Wayne’s girlfriend Maxine (Mia Goth), Bobby-Lynne (Brittany Snow), and Jackson (Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi) all star in the movie. The elderly couple on site are unaware of what the group are doing onsite, but the wife has a habit of lurking in the shadows, and when she spots a couple going to town in the cabin, the project takes an incredibly horrific turn.

“X” not only brought the most fun I’ve had in the cinema in a long time, but honestly some of the best and most original horror of recent times. We all expect a good jump scare in a horror, and “X” will give you that, along with some of the creepiest and cringiest scenes – this may sound like a criticism but it’s actually a really big compliment. Director and writer Ti West serves up an incredible dose of humour, leaving the audience in stitches – the gags aren’t always slap-in-your-face jokes, but also on the subtle side, which is one of the many reasons “X” is a movie you need to see in the cinema.

The cinematography, soundtrack and pace of “X” is impressive, and makes it a truly surprising entry into the horror genre. Here’s the hot tip: skip the new “Texas Chainsaw” and jump on the “X” bandwagon instead. You can thank me later.

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