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Space Chimps [DVD] »

”Thankfully the voice cast at least adds some spice to this tasteless cartoon broth”

Pride and Glory [DVD] »

”If James Foley had the flu, was dosed up on Robitussin, and had the spent the last week up watching those middle-of-the-night infomercials on TV, this would probably be the result”

The House Bunny [DVD] »

”Tune into “House Bunny” to appreciate Faris and the film will certainly please”

The Duchess [DVD] »

”“The Duchess” attempts a mood of sensuality that’s perhaps too Skinemax for comfort, losing the direction of the film for a few sequences meant to appease the bodice-ripper enthusiasts”

Coraline »

”It’s a messy batch of insanity, but it’s utterly beautiful”

Push »

”…an empty calorie extravaganza and demands a crooked concentration it doesn’t earn to sufficiently piece this mess together”

Miracle at St. Anna [DVD] »

”Hopefully this war story will be turned into a stronger film than what Lee had to offer with “Miracle at St.Anna”

Heckler [DVD] »

”doesn’t penetrate like a proper documentary should; it’s more silly than exploratory..”

Hotel For Dogs »

”….a flavorless, unfunny piece of writing that doesn’t aspire to be anything but obvious…”

Soul Men [DVD] »

”Ladies and gents, not much here to see at all – – which is sad, considering it’s the last major film for both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.”

The Nines [DVD] »

“The work of a writer/director who took too much mescaline and quaalades”

Repo : The Genetic Opera [DVD] »

”WOW! I’m not even sure I really understand what I just saw”

My Bloody Valentine 3D
24 Jan

My Bloody Valentine 3D »

”will definitely be a top selling date flick for those love birds who are dying to celebrate Valentine’s day in blood red fashion”

The Unborn »

”Trying to please too many people? or simply keen to film as fast as he can before the battery on the camera goes flat? Only Goyer knows”

Step Brothers [DVD] »

”…a nice return to form for Ferrell – – and further corroboration that he needs to just do movies with Reilly from here on out”

88 Minutes [DVD]
19 Jan

88 Minutes [DVD] »

”….the only question likely to be asked is ‘What the HELL is Al Pacino doing in this?!’”

Funny Games [DVD]
19 Jan

Funny Games [DVD] »

”The direction is amazing, the performances are top-notch, and the pot-boiling pace is pitch-perfect”

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging [DVD]
19 Jan

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging [DVD] »

”…destined to be a classic – in the same way Looking for Alibrandi and Mean Girls have become”

Lost Boys : The Tribe [DVD]
18 Jan
Written by left_blank

Lost Boys : The Tribe [DVD] »

”…‘bloody’ good fun – with a razor-sharp performance by Feldman!”

The Reader »

”Kate Winslet is so phenomenal in “The Reader”, you almost don’t notice her breasts are exposed during most of her screen time”

Taken [DVD]
16 Jan

Taken [DVD] »

”….a fulfilling three-course meal for hungry action-movie fans..

Without a Paddle : Nature’s Calling [DVD] »

”There are moments in this film that look so dreadfully cheap, it almost makes your finger want to hump the stop button”


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