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Moviehole is dedicated to late creator and editor Beth Chick.

A film blog created for film fans by film fans. For over twenty years, we’ve attempted to provide honest and credible movie reviews, interesting celeb interviews and the latest movie news.

We do not receive financial remuneration for our work here, we write purely for fun and the joy of informing others about the latest in film and entertainment –  if that sounds like you, come join us! We can always do with extra bloggers!

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Moviehole respects the rights of all copyright holders and have the following Copyright policy implemented :

  • We will swiftly remove any content, material or link from www.moviehole.net if we are advised that that said content, material or link infringes an exclusive right in a copyrighted work. Please advise us if we’ve erroneously posted something that infringes on copyright and we’ll immediately take it down.
  • We refuse to accept or receive a financial benefit that directly attributes to infringing said work.
  • We will revoke the privileges of any writer who repeatedly infringes copyright or doesn’t follow our rules.
  • We will comply with copyright takedown procedures described in Division 2AA of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) and equivalent laws, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act provisions of 17 U.S. Code s 512.  Please contact us using the form below to remove any infringing material.

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