The Idea of You Review : A notch above Hallmark

Romantic comedies are a dying breed, especially this time of year.

Imagine you’re recently divorced and your ex, in an effort to secure your daughter’s affections, buys her tickets to not only see her favorite boy band from when she was a kid but also the chance to meet them. Imagine that you have to go with her and meet the band. Now imagine that, against all odds, you fall in love. In a nutshell, this is the story of “The Idea of You.”

Romantic comedies are a dying breed, especially this time of year. Most filmgoers are standing in line for action films and the occasional horror thriller. Sandwiched in between these films this year is “The Idea of You,” a sweet comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. When Solene (Hathaway) meets Chase (Galitzine) it’s not cute. It’s embarrassing, as she mistakes his VIP trailer for a public porta-potty. Chase is quite happy that Solene has no interest in him, the majority of his life having been spent fighting off women who are intrigued by his celebrity. And when others tell them their relationship is wrong, it only makes them hold on tighter. Of course, like every love story, there are high points and low points and “The Idea of You” contains both.

Director Showalter, who also co-wrote the script, paces the film smoothly, avoiding most of the tropes you normally find in a film like this, raising it above the level of the Hallmark Channel movie of the week. Both leads embrace their roles and give strong performances. The film is also helped by some wonderful photography, courtesy of Director of Photography Jim Frohna. He uses the screen like a canvas, filling it with bright colors and sights encountered in Chase’s travels.

Overall, when you’re in the mood for a little romance, “The Idea of You” isn’t a bad way to spend a couple hours in the dark.

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