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SDCC : First Cowboys & Aliens Still! »

James Bond takes on E.T in the newie from Jon Favreau

SDCC : Green Lantern Press Conference »

With Reynolds, Lively, Campbell, Sarsgaard, Strong

SDCC : Drive Angry, Sucker Punch, Goon, Monsters »

Teaser Trailers and Character Posters

SDCC : Stabbing at Comic Con! »

One man stabs another with pen over seat!

SDCC : Film of Eisner’s A Contract with God a Go! »

Independent directors doing a chapter each

SDCC : Alex Aja remaking Maniac? »

William Lustig’s 1980 horror classic

SDCC : Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye in The Avengers »

“Hurt Locker” Oscar Nominee, a Superhero!

SDCC : Rodriguez’s Machete Party »

Tacos, Go-Go dancers, Q&A, Clips, Trailer!

SDCC : Lost Boys TV Show on the way!? »

And Feldman confirms plans for further films

SDCC : del Toro doing Pinocchio »

And a horror anthology series for cable TV

SDCC : RoboCop is Gone. Kaput. Canceled. »

Darren Aronofsky was to direct MGM reboot

SDCC : Ruffalo about to unveiled as Hulk!? »

The “Avengers” deal may be done.

SDCC : Tron Legacy Panel Photo Gallery »

Piccies of Bridges and co in San Diego today

SDCC : The Expendables Panel »

Stallone, Willis, Lundgren, Crews and Couture in attendance

SDCC : Saw 3D Movie Trailer »

“All my work has been leading to this”

SDCC : New Red Trailer »

Based on the graphic novel by Warren Ellis

SDCC : Whedon confirmed for The Avengers »

Confirmed the news on the Whedon/Abrams panel

SDCC : Tron Legacy Press Conference, Trailer, Footage »

An embed of the trailer can be found here!

SDCC : Del Toro remaking Eddie Murphy movie?! »

Co-writing, producing movie based on Disney attraction

The Dark Knight Set Visit : Nolan & Bale
29 Jun

The Dark Knight Set Visit : Nolan & Bale »

Warner Bros invited Moviehole to visit the UK sets of “The Dark Knight”

News from Comic Con : Super Troopers 2 is on! »

Broken Lizard say it's finally happening It may have taken them years to get it off the ground – in fact, I remember them talking to me about it when I interviewed them, all those years ago, for the first film – but comedy troupe Broken Lizard have finally announced production on the long awaited [...]

Comic Con : Day 4 »

Clint gets a taste of "Hot Fuzz" The quietest day of Comic Con – ‘Stax’ (from FilmForce) and I basically had our pick of the seats in the usually packed roped-off journo area – wasn’t, surprisingly enough, that dull at all. In fact, we saw some very good – and very funny - stuff. The [...]


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