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Cabin Fever 2 101 »

The latest on the sequel, from the trades Though most of its contents have already been splashed about the web already, The Hollywood Reporter does have a pretty stout article on the now-filming “Cabin Fever 2” that reveals quite a few juicy elements of the production - including the storyline. The site reports that in [...]

Kim Bauer back for 24 movie? »

Will Daughter join Dad on Big Screen? Would Kimmy Bauer be back to [ruin] the day in a “24” movie? Seems so. Well, if her on-screen father wants her. Talking to MTV, former “24” regular Elisha Cuthbert – now spending most of her days just looking damn hot – revealed that she’d be keen to [...]

After the Ball »

Thornton and Berry re-team for "Tulia" “Monster’s Ball” stars Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry will re-team for the Carl ‘’ Franklin-directed “Tulia”, says Variety. Great movie on Berry’s part, whom I believe, has been sinking into a black hole of shit lately… that fucked-up “X-Men 3” didn’t help her much… and, of course, with [...]

Updated!" >Superman defeated by Tom Cruise? Updated! »

New Bryan Singer project takes precedence over sequel Update : Superman Homepage has debunked the claims that the "Superman" sequel has been postponed; according to their sources it is still set for a March 2008 start. Yesterday, Brandon Routh spoke to Empire Online and mentioned that the “Superman” sequel is going to be flat-out more [...]

Escape from New York remake? No!!! »

Gerard Butler as Snake Plissken? My apologies for the lack of updates today… but its been nutty busy. .. did have a chance to see “300” though. What did I think? Well, it was underwhelming and once you got past the gimmicky look of it… there wasn’t a lot left to hold your attention. ..However, [...]

Wanna ask Adam Rifkin a Question?? »

The writer of "Underdog", "Homo Erectus" and "He-Man" Ron Rifkin was too busy… but we got the next best thing, Adam Rifkin! Yep, the only guy that Chris Columbus fears (and you can’t blame him… the guy is snapping at his feet like a famished crocodile) is playing macdaddy to the ‘Dear Mr Celebrity’ segment [...]

How I Met Veronica Mars »

"Mother" and "Mars" stars team for new comedy Spunky teen telly detective, Kristen Bell, has signed to star in a new comedy from “How I Met Your Mother” actor Jason Segel. Segel will star in a film based on his own script called “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, says Production Weekly, the story of a guy trying [...]

Direct-to-DVD Grind House spin-off planned »

Starring Danny Trejo as Machete Direct-to-DVD sequels are such a big biz these days – I shudder to think whether my kids will even know what a theatre is – that even big name filmmakers want in on the small screen premiere action. Cinemablend reports that at the SXSW Festival, “Grind House” director (well, one [...]

New Die Hard retitled »

Down Under, anyway. They say – due to both McDonalds and the fact that our leaders are closer than cooks – Australia is basically in bed with America. Not true on all accounts, it seems. Yet another big-time U.S movie is about to renamed for Down Under audiences. “Live Free or Die Hard” will now [...]

News from the Sunshine Q&A in Sydney »

Boyle's next film is about 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' ‘Matthew’ attended the ‘Popcorn Taxi’ Q&A with Danny Boyle (“Sunshine”) last night – following a screening of the film – and summarised the revelations revealed in the Question and Answer session. Hey Clint Even though I thought it sounded like THE CORE II, I [...]

Rogue going Direct-to-DVD? No! »

Greg McLean's giant-Crocodile thriller Updated! The Fangoria report, mentioned below, was a little off it seems. The films local distributor tells us that "Hot off the press : The Rogue U.S DVD release is wrong, Weinstein are still releasing in the US market as are we [in AU]. TWC have pulled the info off the [...]

Dirty Harry & Dirty Angie? »

Eastwood to direct Jolie in "The Changeling" Clint Eastwood’s next film will be a real change of peace for the Oscar Winning director – if only because it’ll be less meat & potatoes, and more soda pop. Eastwood is in talks to direct “The Changeling” for Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment, with Angelina Jolie attached [...]

Details on Bridges’s Iron Man character revealed »

Playing the villain of the movie IESB had a quick chat with ‘Flynn’ himself, Jeff Bridges, who revealed what he’ll be up to in the forthcoming “Iron Man”. Bridges told the site that he’s playing Obidiah Stane, the wealthy financier who behind Tony Stark's back takes over his company and creates his own version of [...]

Tintin movie expected in 2009 »

From Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks Beloved cartoon character “Tintin” will hit the big screen – finally, after many years of talk – in 2009; courtesy Dreamworks, according to SneakPeek.CA. Herge Studios, Tintin’s Belgian papa, handed over the film rights to the popular character in 1983 to Steven Spielberg. The uber-director recently renewed the option. The [...]

Ask A Celeb : Joel Soisson’s Answers! »

"Feast", "Pulse", "Prophecy", "Phantoms" (!) Producer Super-Producer Joel Soisson – who you’ll all remember from the last season of “Project Greenlight” – was recently attacked by your questions– on everything from the “Feast” and “Pulse” sequels; to what went wrong with “Dracula 2000; why direct to video sequels are his thing, and whether or not [...]

The title of the new Star Trek movie is… »

Writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman announce The next "Star Trek" movie has a title. Nope, nothing as imaginative as "The Undiscovered Country", "The Search for Spock", "The Wrath of Khan" or "Generations".... ... but merely "Star Trek". Yep, just "Star Trek". Thats the title. The full title. "That's the intended title. I don't think [...]

The Island of Dr Dolittle »

"Fantasy Island" remake with Eddie Murphy? Eddie Murphy starring in a film remake of “Fantasy Island”? Who said he didn’t win on the big night hey…. Hey!? Shit hey. According to, Columbia has tapped ‘Academy Award Nominee’ (and an actor that should be friggin holding out for better stuff now) Murphy to headline their [...]

My Name is Alvin »

Jason Lee to star in "Chipmunks" movie Jason Lee will star as David Seville in the CG/live-action hybrid pic "Alvin and the Chipmunks" for Fox 2000 and Fox Animation, says Variety. Penned by Jon Vitti and to be directed by Tim Hill, project is based on the 1950s cartoon series about chipmunks Alvin, Simon and [...]

LaBeouf gets his Jones on »

Playing the son of the title character in fourth "Indiana" Finally, some solid news to report about the long-gestating "Indiana Jones 4". The recently-rumored Shia LaBeouf ("Constantine", "Bobby") is indeed pretty much set to play Indy's son in the next film, reports Variety. Spielberg and George Lucas' Lucasfilm, which is producing "Indiana 4" for Paramount, [...]

Damon for Grimm Brothers? »

With Sam Raimi rumoured to be in talks to direct According to IESB, Matt Damon is in talks to star in the American version of “Brothers”, a recent Danish film from director Susanne Bier. Sam Raimi is believed to be the favourite to direct the remake. “Brothers” tells the story of Michael, a chap who [...]

Children of the Corn remake in the works? »

With Darren Lynn Bousman rumored to direct Dimension has been trying to get the “Children of the Corn” back in the summery fields – and theaters – for forever and a day. Finally, It looks like the lil’ blonde bastards may be returning to work. A few years back, screenwriter Joe Harris (“The Tripper”) was [...]

Exclusive : Burger, King of Narnia? »

"Illusionist" director approached for "Dawn Trader"? Moviehole’s heard some pretty steadfast murmur this afternoon that Neil Burger, director of “The Illusionist”, may have been approached to direct the next instalment in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series. Its alien terrain for Burger – the family fantasy flick – but no doubt his knockout visuals in the [...]


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