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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Set Visits

SET VISIT : Superman Returns Pt.1

Part 1 On Thursday, July 28th and Friday, July 29th 2005 I was lucky enough to be invited to a "Superman Returns" International Online Set...

Set Visit : V for Vendetta

Moviehole flies to London to meet Natalie Portman

Gilmore Girls Set Visit

Clint crashes the set of "Gilmore Girls" in California

Set Visit : My Wife and Kids

Disney invite Clint to the Los Angeles-set of Damon Wayans' sitcom

Set Visit : Anchorman

Moviehole on the set of the new Will Ferrell comedy Christina Applegate is still a gorgeous and luminous presence. A huge star following "Married with...


Jimmy Kimmel to host the Oscars!

Late-night talk show host, producer and comedian Jimmy Kimmel confirmed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that he will host the 89th Oscars® to be broadcast...