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Glamorous Scandinavian Agnes-Nicole Winter is the writer, co-producer and star of the new family comedy film “The Gold & The Beautiful”. The former model made a splash when she was cast in the scandalous reality series “Svenska HollywoodFruar” (“Swedish Hollywood Wives”). She then went on to create her own film company and the rest, as they say, is history. “The Gold & The Beautiful” features an impressive cast, including the legendary John Aniston and the comedic Farley brothers, and is already winning awards before its official release. Agnes-Nicole spoke to Moviehole about her Hollywood experiences.

You didn’t start your career in the movies. How does a Swedish optometrist become a film star in Beverly Hills?

Education was very important to my family as I was growing up. My parents wanted for us to have a “backup plan” in life. I already knew at an early age that I was very creative. I spent a lot of time watching and dreaming about movies and acting in them. I also loved designing and making all the clothes for my dolls and later for myself, and even some for my older sister, Eva. I’m not sure how happy Eva was about that, but she agreed to wear a few of my designs!

As soon as I graduated from the school of optometry, I pursued a career in modeling, acting and design. It just felt so natural and comfortable for me to be in that environment. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I feel so lucky that I get to do what I love every day.

Tell us about your new film, “The Gold & The Beautiful”.

“The Gold & The Beautiful” is a fabulous adventure/comedy film for the whole family. It’s about a spoiled Beverly Hills socialite, Kristy, who doesn’t want to grow up and live the shallow and selfish party girl lifestyle – that’s my character.

On her 35th birthday, Kristy’s father surprises her with a treasure hunt in the hope that she will learn there is more to life than designer shoes and handbags. In her excitement, she heads in to the California desert with her brother and a team of professionals to find her present. On the hunt, she is forced to overcome numerous challenges until she soon realizes that real happiness is right in front of her.

Overall, it’s funny and a true, feel-good, popcorn movie.

Reality TV is now a big part of the entertainment industry. Is your character in “The Gold & The Beautiful” based on any of your cast mates in “Swedish Hollywood Wives”?

Not really. I wrote the script before joining the cast of the “Swedish Hollywood Wives”. Well, looking at it now, honestly, the closest cast mate would be myself!

Which is more stressful: producing a movie or being filmed for a reality-TV show?

It’s actually pretty stressful to do both. But if I would have to choose one, I would say producing a movie. Being a film producer, you are in charge of all the different areas of production and overseeing the crew and cast. Every day is full of tight deadlines and new unexpected changes and challenges.

On the other hand, being filmed for reality TV is also quite dependent on your own planning and the co-production of your own segments. For instance, it takes a lot of work to properly line up the interesting and entertaining events of your life, wardrobe, family, friends and associates, who all voluntarily want to be a part of the filming. In both cases, it’s like a big puzzle and lots of juggling.

Working on two large projects simultaneously with both demanding lots of my time – for development, production, marketing, and even trips to Scandinavia – definitely slowed down the production of “The Gold & The Beautiful”. But, even though wearing all these hats is difficult, it’s also very exciting and rewarding.

How did John Aniston get involved in the film?

We are very lucky and happy to have such a talented cast, including the veteran actor, John Aniston. We approached his representatives and, after reading the script, he accepted the offer to play the part of my character Kristy’s father, Gerard Benedict. I can assure you that “Kristy” was very happy to have such a caring and handsome father. I can’t even tell you how happy I was to receive the news and have him on our team.

Are John and Kevin Farley (brothers of the late Chris Farley) as fun in real life as they appear on screen?

Definitely! Every day on set was filled with laughter as they kept all of us entertained, even when our shooting days were long. They are both very talented comedians and kept the crew and cast in high spirits on set with their witty jokes. Everybody was rushing to the lunch tables to get a chance to sit next to them. We all knew that it was going to be like being a part of a comedy show!

When you’re not on screen, you’re hard at work behind the camera with your sons, Cristofer and Alexander, who are partners in your production company, Global Star Films. What’s more challenging – raising two boys or going into business with them?

Raising children as a single Mom is very challenging. Having the opportunity to team up with them on the production was really a reward because I could see what fine young men they have grown to be. We have a strong family bond and are a great team who learned through the years the meaning of perseverance, dedication and hard work. I’m lucky to be working with my sons who I can trust, are responsible, and will always be there to support me. Today, Cristofer is a USC Marshall School of Business graduate and Alexander will soon be heading to film school. Cristofer and Alexander were always my motivation and drive to move forward and overcome even the hardest days of challenges.

I guess that being away from Scandinavia is one of those challenges. Do you return to Sweden very often?

I return to Sweden at least once a year to visit all of my family who lives there. I particularly miss them for birthdays and holidays, when families usually get together. That’s been the hardest part for me, to have them so far away. Recently, because of the huge success of the TV show that I am starring in, “Swedish Hollywood Wives”, I have had the opportunity for more frequent and longer visits. Promotion and marketing of the show in Scandinavia has given me a chance to reconnect with my past and spend more time with my family.

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