John Ashton is back as Taggart for Beverly Hills Cop : Axel F

Jerry Bruckheimer wouldn’t have done it without him!

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A couple of bits on the new “Beverly Hills Cop”, which is filming in L.A. as we speak.

Firstly, despite reports the film is titled “Beverly Hills Cop : Axel Foley” we hear that the movie is still officially titled “Beverly Hills Cop : Axel F” as per our recent exclusive.

In addition, fans of the original films – that’s the first two! (since his character wasn’t in the third) – will be pleased to hear that John Ashton has signed on to reprise his role as retired Sergeant John Taggart in the movie.

Ashton had kept in touch with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who sought the veteran actor, 74, out when it came time to shoot. Ashton didn’t return for “Beverly Hills Cop 3”, directed by John Landis, because the same producers of the originals – including Bruckheimer – weren’t involved and he had a scheduling clash with another production, “Little Big League”.

Ashton joins a cast that includes returning stars Eddie Murphy and Paul Reiser, as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylour Paige, James Preston Rogers, and James Aviel.

Mark Molloy is directing the pic, which sees Axel Foley returning to Beverly Hills to look into the death of an old friend and police corruption within the force. There, he reunites with his daughter and teams with her ex-boyfriend, a by-the-book cop on the case.

“Beverly Hills Cop 4 : Axel F” will air on Netflix.

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