Amazing 12-seconds of footage from Divergent released

Having already seen quite a bit of “Divergent”, thanks to my first-ever Comic-Con this year, the highly-anticipated feature adaptation of Veronica Roth’s novel, I can attest to its impending watchability. It’s slickly directed, the production design spurs drool, and the cast seem to have been pertinently picked for their respective parts – particularly young Shailene Woodley, who fills the skin of our heroine.
The studio has been kind – is that the right word? I dunno, it does leave you angry that there’s not more- enough to release a 12-second teaser trailer for the film. Is it enough to hold you over until March 2014, when the film is released? Hell no, which is just as well it’s presumably the first in many video teases we will be presented with over the coming months.

Casting : Olsen, Gleeson, Martinez, Vinson, Stallone

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