American Pie series bakes another sequel

Cloaked in an article about California being fiscally friendly to a bunch of productions this year (“Sherlock Holmes 3” is one of the projects getting a tax break from Cali), word on another of those direct-to-vid “American Pie” sequels.

A bunch of these things were doing the rounds about a decade ago – they included “Band Camp” and “Beta Test”, all of which film star Eugene Levy returned for  – before Universal decided to relaunch the “American Pie” brand as a big-time movie label and reunite the original ensemble for the worthy “American Reunion” in 2012.

But with little movement on a sequel to “American Reunion”, and no word of any sort of big-screen reboot, the troops at 1400 productions and Universal Home Entertainment have relaunched biz on the “American Pie Presents” films, with “American Pie Presents : Girls Rule” set to go into production this year for a DTV release sometime shortly thereafter.

One can only assume, based on the title, this one fixes on a group of flute-playing wild girlies, as opposed to the lads.

Stay tuned for more on it!

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