Amid sequel rumors, My Best Friend’s Wedding cast reunite for shoot!

22 years after the release of the hit film, the cast of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” have reunited for a special EW dirt-dish spesh.

Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz and Rupert Everett got back together to discuss the magic of P.J Hogan’s sublime 1997 rom-com (which netted nearly $300m at the box office!) and why they got involved.

For Mulroney, it was simply to the chance to play a male lead that caught Julia Roberts’ eye. Roberts said she was immediately charmed by the script.

“I just thought it was really clever and just funny,” she said. “All the physical comedy I loved. Lots of falling down and falling through things, falling all over myself, falling over Dermot.”

“People come up to me and just say, “My Best Friend’s Wedding!” and I’m like, “Aww,” says Diaz. “It’s just this joyous feeling that you get off of them. I appreciate that so much.”

Mulroney is even moved to tears when talking about the film. “I think about these guys every day,” he admits. “Because people come up to me and they bring up this movie every day for the last 22 years.”

Last year Roberts and Mulroney expressed enthusiasm for a sequel.


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