Another Total Recall remake still a priority at Sony

Can anyone ever top the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic?

There have been whispers of another (a third) feature film adaptation of Philip K.Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” novella for a while now. First made into the 1990 movie Total Recall, with Arnold Schwarzenegger stepping into a role previously eyed by Patrick Swayze and before him, Richard Dreyfuss, the story fixes on a man whose biggest dream has always been to visit Mars but he is constantly dissuaded by his wife. The man eventually discovers Rekal Incorporated, where he goes to receive memory implants of having traveled to Mars.

After the film hit big at the box office the powers-that-be considered turning another Dick story, Minority Report, into the bigscreen sequel to Recall – assumingly with Schwarzenegger’s Douglas Quaid replacing the literary version’s main character,  – but that idea was pushed aside when Tom Cruise and John Woo expressed interest in the project, instead fashioning it into a vehicle for the Top Gun megastar.

Chris Evans

While Total Recall did spawn a short-lived TV series sequel, and an attempt was made to breathe new life into the movie property by remaking the movie with Colin Farrell in the lead role a few years back, Schwarzenegger’s movie version remains king.

This latest version, which Giant Freakin Robot reiterated today is in the works, reportedly has Marvel alum Chris Evans attached to star – purportedly in the role of Quaid.

As for how accurate the report is? Guess we’ll find out in due time…

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