At Home : The Bubble, The Contractor, Moon Knight, Nudels of Nudeland & more!

Plus we take a look at a Cinequest entry, “Scream” on 4K, and the Disney+ offering “Death on the Nile”

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The Bubble

Streaming. Like an elongated SNL skit that, while conceptually fun and amusing to a degree (particularly its early scenes depicting spoiled actors, Tik Tok ‘stars’, and how the Hollywood machine works), Judd Apatow’s latest doesn’t quite know when to quit. The 2-hour (!) pisstake on covid, making movies during a pandemic, and bratty actors is appealing and enjoyable-enough, largely due to the enigmatic cast (standouts include Karen Gillan and David Duchovny), but there’s not nearly enough here to sustain its existence. [CC]


The Contractor

Digital. Another action misfire – and assumingly, potential franchise starter –  for “Star Trek” alum Chris Pine, “Contractor” is at its best when it isn’t taking itself too seriously and dishes out some fun action sequences. Director Tarik Saleh really knows how to shoot action and it’s evident in some truly astonishing, eye-popping bloody firefights and shoot-outs that truly pop in a nice home theater set-up. Most will check out though when the “Bourne”-knock off decides to crib a well-worn betrayal/revenge tale we’ve seen oodles of times before. Tell me if you’ve heard this one? an ex-Army guy is recruited for a ‘special’ hush-hush military force but when the job he’s assigned to do goes balls up he finds himself being hunted, caught up in a fickle conspiracy. [CC]


Moon Knight

Streaming. Disney+ were good enough to supply us with the first four episodes of new Marvel series “Moon Knight” and while we won’t hint at what’s to come past this week’s premiere episode what we will say is that it just gets better and better. More “National Treasure” or “The Mummy”, or a combination of both, than your standard Marvel series (see “WandaVision” or “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”), this well-constructed supernatural adventure spy series fixing on Steven Grant and mercenary Marc Spector, two chaps inside the same body, investigating the mysteries of the Egyptian gods. Oscar Isaac gives one of the funnest, if not one of the best turns of his career as our hero(es), and Ethan Hawke- looking more Kevin Bacon with that long mane – is perfectly cast as the film’s David Koresh-esque villain. Don’t expect endless cameos and dazzling fx, like the previous Marvel shows, instead what you get here is fun, standalone old-school Saturday matinee pulp pleasure.[CC]


Scream 4K

4K. Fifth time’s the charm as OG trio Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox go head-to-head with the telephone-spruiking ‘Ghostface’ again. The newly-released “Scream” 4K release is a must for home cinema enthusiasts. With a popping DTS-HD 7.1 audio mix and blisteringly good-lookin’ 4K image with Dolby Vision HDR, it’s one of the best UHD transfers we’ve seen in quite some time. Extras-wise, there’s a bunch of short but interesting featurettes, an audio commentary – which is really funny (thanks to Radio Silence), and some deleted scenes, all of which feature David Arquette’s Dewey. [CC]


Two Hands

Blu-ray. Re-issued on Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment with brand-new special features, the award-winning crime thriller from director Gregor Jordan holds up as well now as it does on its initial release in 1999. Starring Heath Ledger in a breakthrough performance, the AFI darling fixes on a youngster who makes an enemy out of his crime boss employer, played by a devilishly fun Bryan Brown. Darkly comical, with firecracker performances from all involved, “Two Hands” deserves its status as an Aussie classic. The ‘Sunburnt Screens’ release includes new interviews with the producer, director, Bryan Brown, and David Field, as well as original cast and crew interviews, a featurette and some marketing materials. Beautiful new art, too. [KT]


The Nudels of Nudeland

Digital. This is one of those films that’s sure to divide. Author Tim Chizmar, a real life nudist, has penned a meekly amusing piece about a clothesless duo who find themselves in a clothesless country.  Yep, the kind of thing John Waters might’ve made had he not been on a studio’s payroll.  No thanks to the thinly-written script, because the cast all give it their all, the film loses its appeal pretty quickly. Where it will likely find its audience though is within the community its set in, because it’s truly a love letter to its members, those who adopt to a clothes-free lifestyle. [ML]


Maybe Someday

Cinequest. A film for everyone, not just the LGBTQ community that the producers likely made it for initially, Michelle Ehlen’s beautifully raw and realistic portrayal of a break-up might undoubtedly go down as one of 2022’s highlights. A story many of us can relate to, it chronicle’s the journey of a woman who, after a break up that’s left her in tatters, attempts to get her life together by moving cross country. Not as easy as it sounds, as those that have done it know. Sure to be a favorite of the festival hit, Maybe Someday is recommend viewing for anyone with a beating heart. [KT]


Death on the Nile

Streaming. After the fun, star-studded redo of Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express” a couple of years ago, most were waiting with baited breath for the follow-up – also based on a Christie classic – expecting more of the same. Sadly, one of those elements is left out of the dreary “Death on the Nile”. Complete with some of the tackiest CGI since “Lawnmower Man 2 : Beyond Cyberspace”, Branagh’s “Death on the Nile” is such a drag that Disney kept it on the shelf for a couple of years. Don’t expect a third Poirot adventure anytime soon. [KT]

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