Bateman Returns! One of Clint’s fave films is being sequelized for TV!

Mop and bucket on aisle… MH.

The idea may be madder than Alec Baldwin with a stubbed toe, but I can’t pretend not to be just a little excited at the prospect of an “American Psycho” TV series.

Lionsgate TV have decided to sequelize the 2001 film, itself a celluloid transfer of the Bret Easton Ellis-written novel.

Deadline has the scoop on the slickly-dressed son-of-a-gun, Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale, back in his ‘who da funk is he?’ days) returning to oil-up the chainsaw, laminate a new business card and dust off Huey Lewis’s ‘Sports’ album for another go-round of yuppie slaying and competitor take-down. They say the FX series will – aside from snagging a ‘cease and desist’ from the producers of “Hannibal” – see Bateman, now in his ’50s, training up a young protégé in modern-day Bieber-era.

As any good “Batman Forever” fan knows though, just because something is billed as a sequel doesn’t mean it’ll encompass too many links to it’s predecessor – particularly when we’re talking ‘TV sequel’ (I saw “Splash Too”, it wasn’t pretty). Knowing “American Psycho” (TV) won’t possess too many carry-overs from the original flick, it probably wouldn’t hurt FX to try track down that Bale guy again, he hasn’t done much since then, and would probably appreciate the work. IMDB is good for tracking down disappearing acts.
“American Psycho” co-stars Samantha Mathis and Guinevere Turner on the other hand? Not a chance. Don’t waste your phone calling credits, FX. Busy as Tommy Lee on a Sunday morn.

The only thing that frightens me about the project? The fact that it’s set ‘now’, means ‘good music’ won’t be making a reprise.

While I tuck my sarcasm to bed for the night, here’s some classic “American Psycho” to hold you over until… well, Perez Hilton publishes the first ‘behind’ shots of the new Bateman on set.

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