Briefs : Spider-Man, MacGruber, Matrix, Star Wars, Superpets & more!

A round-up of who’s doing what with whom

A bunch of new TV spots for “Spider-Man : No Way Home” have been released featuring footage not shown in last week’s trailer. [More…]


Speaking of the new “Spider-Man” film, a new report suggests that “Amazing Spider-Man” director Marc Webb and “Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi were consulted to help fill in deets on “the kind of toll that being Spider-Man has taken on Maguire’s and Garfield’s” versions of the character. [More…]


An IMAX re-release of the original “Matrix” (1999) film is set for December 7.


Early test screenings along with the actor’s own brother suggest Barry Keoghan (“The Eternals”) is playing The Joker in Matt Reeves’ upcoming “The Batman”. [More…]


“Matrix Resurrections” star Keanu Reeves says it would be a “honour” to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. [More…]


Speaking of the upcoming threequel, “Matrix Revolutions” co-writer David Mitchell says the film is anything but another sequel. “I saw the film in Berlin in September,” Mitchell told To Vima. “It’s really good. I cannot tell you what this film is about, but I could explain what it is not. It’s certainly not yet one more sequel, but something autonomous that contains however the three Matrix that preceded in a really ingenious way. It’s a very beautiful and weird creation. It also achieves a couple of things that we do not see in action films, meaning it subverts the rules of blockbusters.” [More…]


STAN has announced that the “MacGruber” spin-off series will air December 17. A new teaser was released today for the comedy.


A new trailer for the upcoming “Ray Donovan” movie, airing Jan 14 on Showtime, has been released.


A third “Trolls” film is set for release on November 17, 2023. [More…]


“A Quiet Place” star John Krasinski will voice Superman in the upcoming “DC League of Superpets” movie. [More…]


Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy suggests we might see more of “Star Wars” sequel characters Rey, Finn and Poe in the future. “Certainly, those are not characters we’re going to forget. They will live on, and those are conversations that are going on with the creative team as well.” [More…]


Steven Seagal will not reprise his role as Casey Ryback in the recently-announced “Under Siege” reboot at HBO Max. [More…]

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