Bruckheimer offers updates on National Treasure 3, Beverly Hills Cop 4

The veteran producer recently helped steer “Top Gun” back into theaters


Producer Jerry Bruckheimer filled in a couple of upcoming projects, namely sequels to “National Treasure” and “Beverly Hills Cop”.

The “Top Gun Maverick” producer says, in addition to the upcoming “National Treasure” TV series, they’re developing a new movie sequel with Nicolas Cage expected to return.

“Let’s hope we’re working on the script right now. Hopefully [Cage] likes it, but it’s really good. So I think we’ll get it to him shortly.”

Of the new “Beverly Hills Cop”, which Mark Molloy will direct, Bruckheimer said the fourth film in the long-running series gets underway this month.

“Well, we’re making another Beverly Hills cop. We start that in like a week or 10 days and that’s gonna be for Netflix,” Bruckheimer told the site.

The new film, again starring Eddie Murphy as Detroit detective Axel Foley, will see Foley return to Beverly Hills to work with his estranged daughter and her new fiancee on a case.

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