Capsule Reviews : Crime Story, Collusions

A couple of entertaining digital releases to check out this week

Crime Story


Retired mobster Richard Dreyfuss goes all John Wick on those that broke into his house. When the man’s family gets involved, he realizes it’s time to shred his past self.


Not the kind of continuous solid fare Dreyfuss starred in during the Reagan and Bush-eras but none the less, an entertaining-enough pic and one in which he isn’t wasted in a throwaway cameo — a role he’s delegated to too often these days. 

Coupled with attractive and nifty camera work by John DeFazio, and an indecisive though workable script by Adam Lipsius, “Crime Story” is totally adequate post-11pm late night telly viewing. 


Mira Sorvino and Cress Williams co-star.



One of those cleverly-crafted thrillers where characters – in this case, those in the legal and law fields- lives overlap, and there’s twists and turns as we discover what events and, predominantly rogues are linked.

As he’s proven time and time again -though doesn’t get the notices he deserves – Tom Everett Scott again has an effortless ability to disappear into any a role. Like the many, diverse characters he’s played over the years (in such fare as “That Thing You Do!”, “The Z Nation”, “Boiler Room”, “Sons of Anarchy”), ‘Martin’ provides the theatrically trained thesp an opportunity to effectively convey a gauntlet of emotions, at the same time grounding a character that might’ve otherwise been portrayed more cliche in another, less skilled actor’s shoes. 

“Collusion”, best described as a mini “Traffic”, offers the Massachusetts-born actor some of the meatiest, most compelling dialogue and moments to date. Monica Zepeda’s script is a tight, compelling pressure cooker that features the kind of relatable and interesting storytelling you don’t see often in procedural thrillers. 

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