Casting : Kingsley, Boutella, Balfe, Bosnahan, Fishburne, Hudgens

A round-up of who’s doing what with whom

Ben Kingsley and Sofia Boutella are joining Dave Bautista in JJ Perry’s action comedy The Killer’s Game at Lionsgate. The film, lensing this summer, follows veteran assassin Joe Flood (Bautista), who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and authorizes a kill on himself to avoid the pain that is destined to follow. After ordering the kill, he finds out that he was misdiagnosed and must then fend off the army of former colleagues trying to kill him. [More…]

Caitríona Balfe, Rachel Brosnahan and Laurence Fishburne will join Rami Malek in Amateur, a James Hawes directed thriller set up at Fox. The story follows a CIA cryptographer who, after his wife is killed in a London terrorist attack, demands his bosses go after them. When it becomes clear they won’t act due to conflicting internal priorities, he blackmails the agency into training him and letting him go after them himself. [More…]

Vanessa Hudgens will join Mads Mikkelsen in spy thriller The Black Kaiser, directed by Derrick Borte (Unhinged). In the film, shooting this fall, the Black Kaiser (Mads Mikkelsen), the world’s most lethal hitman, uncovers a deadly conspiracy protecting a powerful syndicate of killers, and becomes their number one target.

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