Chris Cooper was shown "The Ring" tape

"Adaptation" star Chris Cooper told Sci Fi Wire that he did two scenes for the recent movie "The Ring" but he was ultimately cut."It was what they call a bookend," Cooper said in an interview. "I opened the movie and closed the movie. It was two scenes, and I was a serial rapist or a murderer who deserved everything that was coming to him. Because [Naomi Watts’ character] was a journalist, I was trying to convince her that I had found God and I had straightened my ways and rehabilitated myself. I was looking for an out, and she didn’t buy it, correctly so. Then in the tail end, she pays me a visit and gives me the tape." "What I hear is when they ran the screenings, it was more a disruption than anything. They said, ‘Well, where’s Cooper? We want to see more of him.’ So they cut it all." The Ring is currently in theaters.

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