Cleopatra: One Of The Most Inspirational Women

In the cinema history no other beautiful queen has been rewarded with so numerous movies like Cleopatra, the ancient seducing queen of Egypt. On Cleopatra ‘s life and history many legends have been created in the course of the centuries to the point that this unique female character is today one of the world’s most inspirational living legends.

Movies that depict Cleopatra ‘s life and personality often describe a powerful woman, who can attract men to her way through the wise use of her body and beauty. Cleopatra is one of the most appealing and attractive women in the human history, a hard role for the top most skilled and beautiful actresses of Hollywood.

Cleopatra – When The Inspiration Goes Beyond Cinema

Normally, when a character is so strongly appealing and seducing, the cinema industry is not the only one to get interested in using that character ‘s image and history for creating top new products. In fact, even the gaming industry, at some point, decided to launch a new slot game in the Vegas land based casinos.

In the vintage epoch of Las Vegas, a new slot machine appeared: the Cleopatra slots.     Cleopatra

Today, with the advent and diffusion of the IT, games and slot games are also available as digital products. Ladbrokes is actually offering a top renewed version of Cleopatra slot game as a 5 reel video slot.

New Elements & New Appeal In Ladbrokes Cleopatra

What’s new in Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot game is that a few standard symbols have been replaced by new ones. So, players can enjoy symbols like deserts, archeologists, camels, pharaohs, pyramids and sphinxes.

But the top most appealing and exceptional thing is that players can listen to Cleopatra ‘s voice: in fact, the Cleopatra slot game at Ladbrokes site features a seducing and nice female voice which wishes all players  a welcome greeting on the game board.

Elements such as symbols are vital in a slot game and Ladbrokes Cleopatra features a new and top important symbol, which is the sphinx symbol.

The Ladbrokes Cleopatra & Sphinxes

Basically, the presence of sphinx symbols in Cleopatra slot game might change your odds of winning interesting prizes. When 2 or more sphinxes appear on any position on the reels of the Cleopatra game, players earn a scatter award on the basis of their total bet  – the more sphinx symbols appear, the larger the scatter award multiplier.

And when 3 or more sphinxes appear on any position on the reel of the game, players win 15 FREE SPINS that are played automatically by the game system.

And if during the free spins players get extra sphinx symbols, then extra 15 FREE SPINS will be added and played after the first group of free spins.

Extra Odds Of Winning

With the Ladbrokes Cleopatra slot game players can enjoy numerous extra odds to get awards and prizes. This 20 line slot game is a mix between charming landscapes and coolest game thrills. The paytable for free spins is the same as for regular spins – the only difference is that all wins are tripled.  

Cleopatra slot game is only one of the top most important Ladbrokes slot games of the moment, players who register on Ladbrokes casino receive interesting bonuses and promotions as a welcome gift from the Ladbrokes Team.

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