Colin Firth to star in comic book movie Zombie Brother

“Bridget Jones Diary” and “Pride & Prejudice” fave Colin Firth will star in an adaptation of Tencent’s digital comic “Zombie Brother”.

The film, tentatively titled “New York Will Eat You Alive”, will be housed by Tencent and STX Films. The action-comedy will be helmed by “Isn’t it Romantic” director Todd Strauss-Schulson with Channing Tatum among producers on the project. Alex Rubens wrote the screenplay.

Created by Jia Haibo, ”Zombie Brother” is set in City H, where the water supply has been contaminated by an ancient coffin. People who drink the water therefore turn into “Zombie Brothers” who eat others to evolve (think the latest season of Stranger Things). The main character is Bai Xiaofei, an ordinary boy who loves playing computer games at home — the story follows Bai as he steps out of the house and hits the road to find his girlfriend.

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