Comic Con 2012 : The Walt Disney Studios Panel


Katie here with my take on “Frankenweenie”!

Tim Burton rocked his sunglasses this week (although his usually recognizable coif looked tamer than usual) at the Disney press conference along with Atticus Shaffer, Producer Allison Abbate and Executive Producer Don Hanhn. I’m pretty excited for this one, not only for the classic horror nuances but because it’ll be the first film to venture into its territory, with the combination of black and white, stop-motion animation and 3-D!

-Burton shared how special stop-motion animation is to him because it feels so personal, magical and artistic. It’s a method of filmmaking that hasn’t changed.
-Although “Frankenweenie” was originally a short film, he didn’t feel as though they just padded out the story to make a full length feature, instead he said he just incorporated more characters that would pop into his head over the years and drew a lot on his childhood experiences with teachers and other kids. Ultimately, he said the heart was already there in the short film and he was able to explore more in the full length.
-Burton said out of all his films he a soft spot for “Edward Scissorhands,” “Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Frankenweenie” because he feels they were slightly more personal for him.
-Burton’s favorite Disney ride? Space Mountain.
-Burton said one of the reasons he wanted to make this film 3-D was because there are so many critics of 3D being muddy or too dark, so he really wanted to get the black and white crisp and thought the idea of incorporating 3D, black and white and stop motion animation seemed exciting.

I can’t wait to get sucked into the magical world of Tim Burton again!


Boy! Disney have some great releases coming up.

Firstly, we get to meet Tim Burton, who presents some clips from his new film “Frankenweenie” (based on his short film) and the film’s new trailer, sort of a homage to ’50s movies.

The next segment is for “Oz : The Great and Powerful”.

“Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi, as gracious as ever, is here; Michelle Williams is here, as is the beautiful Mila Kunis.

The clip shown was that of a black-and-white treat featuring James Franco’s ‘Oz’ character being swept up into the tornado. Things get colourised when we see a witch’s hand, a green one, slam up on a table.

Raimi said that none of the “Wizard of Oz” favourites appear, since it’s a prequel. He also has disappointing news for “The Shadow” fans – he’s no longer working on the film, since they couldn’t nail the script.

Thirdly, “Wreck-it Ralph”, Disney’s new animated movie – a throwback to old 8-bit computer games.

They have some fun footage from the film, and they also announce the addition of Alan Tudyk (“Firefly”) to the cast as ‘King Candy’.

But the big tail-end surprise…

a scene from “The Lone Ranger”!

Lots of footage on the train, some quick cuts of Tonto and The Lone Ranger, and a shot of Tonto clinging to the bottom of the train!

Comic Con 2012 : Oz The Great and Powerful trailer

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