Cotton Budd’s Review Round-Up : Mountain men, Roberts robbery, Hospital haunting

A look at a few On Demand releases available this week

Old Strangers

On Digital.
Like Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher, though much more effective than the feature version of the book, “Old Strangers” sees a group of pals reconnecting Big Chill-style in a small, scenic town after extended quarantine. Before they’ve barely had time to catch up, the “Strangers” encounter something even… stranger.

A lot has been accomplished on what I assume was a very tight budget here. From the slick production values to the lavish locales, and superb performances, there’s a lot here to enjoy. Filmmaker Nick Gregorio is one to watch.


The Surprise Visit

In Select Theaters, VOD.
Up-and-comer Jacqi Vene gives a good performance in a small-scale but none-the-less effective indie thriller about a couple of drug-addicted novice crooks who come up with, what they believe, is the perfect score : rob his father’s boss (Eric Roberts in a customarily quick turn).

Lavish cinematography, good performances by a bunch of newcomers (seriously, Vene, Rob Riordan and Serah Henesey outshine the Oscar Nominee in every moment. Clearly, they’re more invested here) and a script that, although encompassing many familiar beats, tries hard to offer something new.


Last Radio Call

On Terror Films Channel.
Director Isaac Rodriguez’s low-budget found footage spooker sees a woman heading into a creepy hospital with a film crew to investigate where her hubby disappeared to within it and why. Yep, you’ve seen it all before but fans of the sub-genre will find enough decent scares and punchy plotting here to stay invested.

Probably released a few years too late, considering the found footage fad has been and gone and the appeal of these films waned due to the plethora of “Blair Witch” and “Cloverfield” types that have occupied the market during 1999-2009, but none the less an effective indie horror film worth dialing up.

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