Dungeons & Dragons 2 may still happen – at a cost

A follow-up would weigh into the comedy more

With quite of the company’s recent ventures not chalking up much change at the box office, Paramount CEO Brian Robbins says that while they’ll continue focusing purely on I.P’s – they might have to make them a little cheaper.

Dungeons and Dragons : Honor Among Thieves, released in March, may have been a hit with critics but audiences didn’t turn out for the Chris Pine-starring comedy/adventure. Robbins, clearly a fan, hasn’t ruled out doing a sequel – he might just have to watch his wallet next time ’round.

“We’ve got to figure out a way to make it for less.”, Robbins told Variety in an all-encompassing article.

The film generated $208 million worldwide against its $150 million budget, not great.

In May, Dungeons & Dragons co-writers and co-directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein spoke with Polygon to yak on a possible sequel.

If a second film were to happen, the duo say they’d weigh on more on the comedy – since that’s what people liked about the first.

“[The response] verified all the things we suspected would hit with audiences, and [a sequel] would allow us to lean into those things.”

Still, a franchise was never part of their plans.

“It was never our intention when we came on board this film to make a franchise. I think that would cloud our ability to focus entirely on the film at hand. The cardinal mistake many studios make is to put the cart before the horse, where they start crafting a cinematic universe before they even make a good single film. So first and foremost for us was getting this right.”

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