Final Destination 3 and Pulse updates

"Final Destination 2" Director David R.Ellis tells About.Com there will definitely be a "Final Destination 3". "Absolutely. [and in] 3D. They’re already planning it."

Will he be involved? "They want me to be. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that, but they’re in the process right now of hiring some writers and trying to come up with a cool story line. But they had a lot of success with those two films."

Will they be using James Cameron’s 3D Cameras? "I guess. I just heard the mention of that, so I don’t know if they’re totally serious about that or if it’s going to happen, but I know they’re talking about it."

In other horror news today, we’ve heard there’s movement again on "Pulse", a project Wes Craven was tied to at one time. With the success of film’s like "Dawn ot the Dead" – apparently "Pulse" is similair territory – the studio’s a bit more confident in doing the film.

The film, based on Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Japanese horror smash, "Kairo", would tell the story of a student who discovers a link to the world of the supernatural through the Internet. No word if Craven would still be involved if it does get green lighted [again].

Big thanks to ‘SammyJ’ for that one.

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