Gears of War movie crunches forward… but not at New Line

The feature adaptation of video game “Gears of War”, in development since 2007 when it was acquired by New Line Cinema, is on the hunt for a new home, says Variety.

New Line are swamped with everything “Hobbit” – and as such, don’t have a spare penny to put into another possibly costly franchise right now – so had to let it go.

CAA is shopping the project around to other studios, with a promising draft by Stuart Beattie (“Tomorrow When The War Began”, “Collateral”) apparently doing much of the talking at said meets.

No director is attached (Len Wiseman was involved at one stage but dropped out) but with the video-game still selling in big numbers don’t be surprised to hear of a new deal being made for the property real soon.

Whatever happened to the third xXx!?

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