Horrible Bosses 2 Interview : Charlie Day

While shooting “Horrible Bosses 2,” Charlie Day sat down to chat with press about the sequel and what fans can expect! 

So, we’ve heard you all laugh quite a bit on set, is it hard to keep a straight face?

Yeah, I laugh all the time, and it’s terrible. I don’t know if it’s a nervous habit or… I just really enjoy getting to do this and it’s not wasted on me of what an incredible gift it is. It’s also in my barometer for whether or not the take is working. I get sort of nervous if I’m not laughing because I feel like I have a good sense of what’s going to make the audience laugh and it’s what makes me laugh, so hopefully I will laugh.  I should be a little bit more professional about it, it’s true; I’m wasting people’s time.

So your character has fiancé in the first “Horrible Bosses,” where is she now?

Yes, they’re now married and they have three baby girls, triplets. So he’s in a little over his head on this film. Having quit his job and opening up this business, he’s got a lot more riding on it now.

And what’s his relationship with Jennifer’s character?

It’s pretty much gone, he’s turned his back and walked away and she thinks of him now as the one that got away. You know, the only man who ever refused her. She just won’t let it go, she hunts him down at one point in this film.

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Charlie Day – Horrible Bosses 2

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