Hourman movie in the works at Warner and DC

Warner and DC have been trying to bring “Hourman” to the big screen for a while. For a minute, he was going to be the subject of a new CW series, one that would’ve fit in comfortably alongside the likes of “Arrow” and “The Flash”, but that planned was shelved. The character did pop up over on the net’s “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” though.

Chernin Entertainment, probably best known for producing the recent crop of “Planet of the Apes” movies, will produce the film, which Gavin James and Neil Widener are writing.

For the unversed, “Hourman” was created Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily in 1940 and originally appeared in the ”Stargirl” comics. The character had three different incarnations, with the first one featuring chemist Rex Tyler the first time we meet the character. Tyler would create a new synthesis, “Miraclo,” which grants him super-strength and endurance, but only for one hour. Rex’s son Rick Tyler would later become the hero, ultimately becoming the most popular Hourman as the years went on.

It was the Tyler incarnation that appeared on “Legends”.

No word on who will take the guise for the bigscreen venture.

Via ‘Deadline

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