Inspector Gadget movie reboot in the works

Another live-action “Inspector Gadget” movie is in the works at.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell (the upcoming “Home Alone” reboot) are penning the script for the film with”Aladdin” alumni Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich producing.

The original American-Canadian animated series, a smash in the ’80s, featured a bionic Inspector Clouseau type (voiced by Don Adams) with an endless array of gizmos built into his body. His archenemy was Dr. Claw, leader of an organization named M.A.D. Also figuring in the proceedings was Penny, Gadget’s niece and the brains behind him who actually stopped Claw’s plans.

A 1999 feature film version, starring Matthew Broderick as Gadget and Rupert Everett as ‘Claw, did moderate business at the box office. A direct-to-video sequel, starring French Stewart in the titular role, followed.

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