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Interview : Charlene Amoia cowboys up for Sons of Thunder : Redemption

The “How I Met Your Mother” favorite returns to the small screen for new Pureflix drama

Credit : Charlene Amoia

From behind the bar to a busy hospital, school full of wannabe music superstars, and now, in front of the stables, Charlene Amoia would have to be one of the busiest not to mention most versatile performers in Television today. The actress, whose many credits include hits How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, and House M.D tells Moviehole’s TV Sneak about her latest role, that of ‘Sandy’ on PureFlix’s Sons of Thunder : Redemption.


You’re one of the busiest, most versatile working actresses today Charlene – turn on the TV and chances are you’re on it! What do you attribute your steady employ and success to?

Ha-ha. Thank you! Wow. Well, I try to say yes to everything, really. Unless I have a moral or personal issue with the content I’m just a yes kind of gal. So that coupled with the fact that work begets work, I think the resume just continues to grow.


How vital was the role of ‘Wendy’ on HIMYM to your career? Is it still the role that you’re most recognized for and the one that gets you into meetings and auditions?

It’s hard to say, really. As the success of HIMYM grew, the love for all the characters grew and I feel really blessed to of been one of the side characters. I would say that Wendy is the role I’m most recognized for out in the world but I’m not sure it’s made much of a difference as far as auditions are concerned. Most of the other roles I audition for and parts I land are very different than Wendy so I’m not sure there is a correlation there.


I imagine doors started swinging open after your work on two big Warner Bros projects over the past 24 months, too?

Hahaha. Well that’s not really been the experience I’ve had but I look forward to the day that doors swing open like that! No, each audition still seems like the very first one in that you just have to do the best job to get the part.


It’s been a punishing couple of years for many industries – the entertainment sector no exception. Has the pandemic affected you personally when it comes to work?

Most definitely. All of my auditions have gone virtual and most of the voice over work I do, I now do from my home sound closet.


Credit : Charlene Amoia

While film has slowed down the last couple of years, during the pandemic, TV seems to have been able to keep going. Is that part of the reason you jumped aboard a series?

Well I just happen to book a series during that time. I would have gladly taken a series at any point in my career. It was really nice to have a steady gig for a while!


What else led to you Sons of Thunder: Redemption?

I really love that this series has the intent to uplift and inspire. Redemptive movies are my very favorite to watch so I hope to be able to act more in inspiriting stories.


The show has been compared to Sons of Anarchy but it’s a different beast – more family-friendly. How different a role is ‘Sandy’ to ‘Wendy’?

Yes, it’s about a few of the motorcycle gang members who have a change of character and then seek out to right their wrongs and have a positive impact in the world. My character Sandy is pretty different than Wendy in that she’s undergone a lot of hardship and really tries to learn her lessons where Wendy sort-of naively goes through the world without giving a lot of thought to her choices.


Credit : Charlene Amoia


Did you find comedy harder than drama?

They are just very different really. I happen to love doing comedy as it’s just more fun, all around, but the best comedy really comes from interpreting situations very dramatically. So no, I guess I don’t find it harder than drama although I know some actors feel that way.


On the show’s theme, do you believe everyone is worthy of redemption? Can leopards change their spots?

Yes, I do  believe everyone is worthy of redemption. I believe in Jesus’s message, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Or as Eckhart Tolle explains when the individual is unconscious, they have the ability to hurt others. That being said, I don’t think it’s an easy task at hand as forgiveness can be a long process.


I gotta admit, I’m a ‘three strikes and they’re out’ type. How many strikes and they’re out, for you?

Hahah. That’s an amazing question. You’d probably have to ask “them” but I’d hate to give up on someone I love. I do believe people can change, although it’s usually a show process.


Now that you’ve found a cowboy hat that fits, beautifully, are you hoping Yellowstone might come calling?

Yes, indeed! I do love cowboy hats, so please give me any reason to put one back on again!


Charlene, congrats again on the show – – it’s a burst of positivity in uncertain times. Why else should we watch Sons of Thunder Redemption?

Yes that a great way to describe it. Well, we have an incredible cast, horses and farm animals, motorcycles, horse racing and beautiful scenery all around.


Sons of Thunder : Redemption is now on Pureflix.

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