Interview : Molly Moriarty on Thor : Love and Thunder; Thor 5 hopes

We caught up with the actress ahead of the Disney+ launch.

Now available on Disney+ – and for free, folks! – Thor : Love and Thunder sees the almighty god himself coming head to head with a former flame, now as muscly as him!  Figured into that plot is young Molly Moriarty, who falls under Thor’s charge in some memorable moments.

We caught up with the actress ahead of the Disney+ launch.


Okay, how did you manage to stay secret about a role in a THOR Movie!?

It was definitely a hard secret to keep as I was so excited to be a part of the Marvel Universe and I really wanted to tell some of my friends, but I knew I’d be in big trouble if I told anyone, so I just had to do it. It got easier once filming had finished but while I was filming it, I had to make up little stories about why I was away for a while.


Have you ever had to stay secret about a movie or series before?

Pretty much everything I’ve worked on so far I’ve had to keep a secret until it’s released. I guess that’s part of working on big projects. Some things I can share but to be honest I don’t talk a lot about my acting with other kids at school as we are too busy playing.


So who knew that you were in it? Just your manager?

Well my mummy knew of course as she was with me all the time and my Agent but that’s about it really. My grandpa and nanny knew I was working on something big in Sydney but they didn’t know what. They didn’t ask as mummy had told them we weren’t allowed to tell anyone so I guess they didn’t want to make it harder for me as I was bursting to tell them.


What kind of ‘secrets’ about the movie did you find out just from being on set – like, did you know the film had screaming goats and Matt Damon in it!?

I only really knew about the parts of the movie I was in. I didn’t read the entire script as I didn’t need to. So the best secret I knew about the movie was that I was going to be in it! How cool is that right.


Filmed in Australia, wasn’t it? Close to your city?

Yes it was filmed here in Sydney Australia which is where I live, so it was only about a 15 minute drive to set for me. Other people had to travel a long way, but I was one of the lucky ones as I got to go home to my own bed each night. I thought it was so amazing that Marvel were making one of the biggest films so close to my home AND that I got to be cast in it as well.


Did it require relocating at all?

No. We were shooting on location for a few of the days, but again, it wasn’t too far from home so we just drove to that location on those days. Some people who lived a bit too far had to stay close by for those few nights but we didn’t as we live pretty central in Sydney. Nothing is too far from us.


Courtesy : Molly Moriarty


How do you keep up with school when you’re doing big movies like Thor?

I was only in Year 3 when I was filming Thor so my mum spoke to my class teacher and asked if she could give me some work to do. She gave me a little bit but my teacher said the most important thing I could do is to read read read. I was so happy about that as I absolutely love reading so that was easy peasy. When I got back to school, there were some things I had to learn but it was fine as I love learning.

Just before I started filming Thor, I was actually in New Zealand for 4 months filming a Netflix Series (Cowboy Bebop). During that 4 months, Netflix organised a tutor for me so I did my school work with her each day in my hotel room. That was fun as I didn’t have to go to a school, just the dining table.


Do you hope to be back for Thor 4?

Do you mean Thor 5? ABSOLUTELY! Oh my goodness that would be a dream come true. My fingers and toes are crossed and I’m not going to ever uncross them.

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