Is Ethan Hawke up for Batman or does Reality bite?

Might Ethan Hawke also be in the mix to be cinema’s new Batman?

Why the heck not! After all, every other SAG-carrying male member of the Hollywood community seems to be in with a shot, so why not the star of classic tentpole “Explorers”! Simply by being in that film you should automatically be considered for every role. If I were Ken Howard, I’d make that so.

The rumour comes by way of fansite DC Warner Bros, who hears the “Before Midnight” and “Daybreakers” star has been spotted with “Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman/Two-Grown-Men-in-Tights” director Zack Snyder, and the film’s EP Thomas Tull, in Wisconsin. Automatically – and fair enoughly – the outlet assumes Hawke is talking to the “Man of Steel” gang about playing the new Batman in the upcoming sequel.

As any geek with a tablet knows, Warner are on the hunt for an actor to play a a grizzled, 40–something Batman in the ‘Superman’ film, which pits the two superheroes against one another. Among those said to be in contention to co-star as Batman to Henry Cavill’s Superman? Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Josh Brolin, Matthew Goode and Ryan Gosling. British martial-artist and actor Scott Adkins also auditioned for the part recently.

Hawke has a reasonably fit relationship with Warner Bros; in fact, he headlines their upcoming actioner “Getaway”, in which he plays some sort of fast-driving action hero, alongside Vanessa Hudgens. It’s possible Warner have seen something in that performance that makes them think he might be worth considering as Gotham’s pointy-eared savior. But Hawke’s also proved himself to play quite the cool hero in films like “Gattaca”, “The Newton Boys”, “Assault on Precinct 13” and “Training Day”, too.

Is he right for Batman, though? Probably not as right as someone like Brolin is, but he’s not a bad choice. Sure, he’s not the bulkiest guy out there, but either was Christian Bale when he was cast in the role – in fact, he looked like a friggin cheesestick. With a few weights, some leftover catering goodies from the “Expendables” set, and a few bottles of whisky… Hawke could easily transform into the Black stud. Furthermore, he can bring it in the acting stakes – something so many of these superhero flicks neglect to consider sometimes.
And finally, I suppose Batman does like to get about Before Midnight and get home Before Sunrise.

Hawke has a pretty clear 2015 ahead of him (I just glanced at his IMDB), besides the Shakespeare flick “Cymberline”, which is about to start filming, so that might appeal to WB too.

Still, the role is essentially anyone’s to win at this stage as I see it. I truly believe that. I have to believe that. I’m ironing my Caped Crusader undies and plucking the cat fur from my cowl as we speak.

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