Updated! Is No Time to Die going to be delayed again!?

Please don’t do this.

Update : In a worrying sign, Australia has officially delayed “No Time to Die” from September 30 to November 11. The film’s new date is the result of the spike in coronavirus cases – specifically the delta variant – across the country.

One of the first blockbusters to be delayed in 2020 due to COVID-19; due for release last autumn, it has since been delayed twice more due to complications – it’s all becoming quite the palaver for James Bond, isn’t it? Living on the shelf for basically a year now means it can’t be delayed again, can it? Well, the thing is, it simply cannot afford to not come out, it relies too much on its international audience, which rules out a staggered release like many others have been forced to do.

The reality is, it costs MGM millions every time it gets delayed (it’s not like their short of a coin or two though), so the news of another delay is only whispers in the wind. With COVID still in our back mirror and the talk of more variants, it has meant other blockbusters such as Venom 2 have been forced to push back and wait for safer box office period where it can excel. With that news, it gives No Time to Die the perfect opportunity to thrive, in an environment where it will not be challenged – although who can seriously challenge the mighty James Bond?

So, a new marketing campaign is on the cards, in the hopes that it will not be in vain. Hoping to make some of that expenditure back in a world where people feel safer going to the cinema is just what the film needs. Let’s hope the film is now worthy of the year wait, and that we will all flock to our local picture house in later September, early October to watch 007 in his latest mission.

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