It's curtains for John McClane

Is John McClane about to push up daises? Apparently, according to both Total Film and the Filmrot site. The site reports several new details about the forthcoming “Die Hard 4”, some reported by the magazine, including mention of Bruce Willis demanding cop John McClane dies at the end of the next chapter.

John McTiernan is apparently returning to director this chapter, saying he has the intention to do a “modern, relevant and unique action movie using all the technology that modern day cinema allows”. The setting will not be the Caribbean, as previously rumoured, says the site.

“The movie is not going to be Caribbean based, but will have a subplot regarding McClane holidaying with his daughter, trying to repair their strained relationship.” Here’s a synopsis they offer: “Retired New York cop John McClane is now one of the countries leading experts on counter-terrorism. Heading overseas to give a seminar, he takes his dysfunctional teenager daughter, Lucy, with him in a last ditch attempt to build bridges with her since his messy divorce with Holly that splintered the family. Once off US soil, McClane accidentally lands himself in the middle of a terrorist attack and puts his old skills to use once again. Out to protect his daughter, while the city crumbles around them, McClane teams up with a still-wet-behind-the-ears local cop to fight back and save the day!” Mark Bomback is penning the film, which is supposedly going to reunite much of the original cast.

Meantime, “Die Hard” director John McTiernan is scouting China for a film location, says Monkey Peaches.

“According to Chengdu Daily, director John McTiernan and an independent producer only known as "Roy" have made a visit to Hengdian World Studios (Hengdian Film & TV City) in China’s Zhejiang Province. According to the paper, shooting of Murder In Canton will start in March. This US$30 million production is based on a on mystery novel series Judge Dee, by Dutch diplomat Robert Van Gulik. It is a fictional story about Di (Dee) Renjie, a real life minister served under the only female monarch of China, Wu Zetian. According to Screen Daily’s reporting in May, "the basic story is a murder mystery but with adventure, fantasy, romance and martial arts," The character of Judge Dee will be played by a Chinese actor with a Westerner as his sidekick." Leasing the set of Hengdian, where Hero and The Emperor And The Assassin were made, is absolutely free. However, the gigantic studio plus theme park does not have houses representing the right period.”

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