James Gunn directing Superman Legacy!

It’s Up, Up and Away for the new DCU!

Warner Bros

The worst kept secret in the comic book movie community has been confirmed : James Gunn will indeed direct his Superman Legacy script.

Superman: Legacy tells the story of Superman’s journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing as Clark Kent of Smallville, Kansas,” Warner Bros.’ statement confirming the rumour read. “He is the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way, guided by human kindness in a world that sees kindness as old-fashioned.”

Adds Gunn :

Further reiterating that DCU Studios’ has been a bit of a mess for quite a while, the filmmaker revealed recently he was actually hired to write the film a full six months ago. Why is that odd? Because the studio were subsequently also developing a sequel to Man of Steel, with Henry Cavill reprising Superman, at the same time.

Gunn, now one of the heads of DCU Studios, posted an Instagram story stating his version was well in the works before he got his new job. The 56-year-old filmmaker went on to say that his film was always developed as a completely separate project to the Cavill one.

So, question is : Were DCU always planning to release two separate Superman projects or was the plan to always fire Cavill, even after they lured him back for October 2022 release Black Adam!? One for Sherlock Holmes!

The Gunn–directed-and-penned Superman Legacy will release July 2025.

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