Jason Sudeikis – Horrible Bosses 2

Jason Sudeikis sat down with press on the set of “Horrible Bosses 2,” to chat about the sequel and being back together again with Bateman and Day!

I’ve heard you ad lib a lot, so how do you know when you’ve gone too far and stop from cracking each other up?

You can’t really stop if you’re cracking each other up, nor would I think anyone would want to unless it’s really late and it’s a steadi-cam shot and the guy’s holding a thousand pound camera with a back brace on, you feel bad for that, but usually the laughter is good fuel for whatever you’re shooting. I would say the way we work together, it’s very giving, we’re sort of a self-governing unit. We do it just sort of listening to each other, I think if one of any of us three of us is making the other two laugh, we feel pretty good about what we’re doing, it’s good harmony.

Is that usually how many takes it takes? Six or?

Was that six?

Is that normally what you do or…

It’s a wide shot, so this is almost an opportunity to rehearse those rhythms that seem so natural between the three of us. Then Chris and obviously Jamie and Jen and Kevin Spacey from the first movie, you know it’s the opportunity to fit the cacophony that we’re doing and what they have to do in the movie, once we get in, we’ll do probably twice as many for no other reason than to get options.

Does it get harder to ad lib as you take more shots?

It gets less adlib-y as we sort of move in, you sort of find it as you go and then our goal is to make it seem ad libbed. There’s a great deal from the first movie that isn’t ad libbed at all, when I went back and probably thought was and I would’ve patted ourselves on the back for, we just made it sound ad libbed which is the goal of acting to a degree.

Christoph  kind of joined of the cast this time-

He didn’t kind of, he fully joined, we got him, he’s on the poster and everything, and it’s a done deal.

(Laughs)  What do they bring to the movie?

Legitimacy, the same as Colin, Kevin and Jennifer in the first one.  They bring a great dynamic between the two of them, playing a father and a son. A father who’s a little bit tougher on his son than maybe I would want to be as a father and then Chris has great energy, great timing, a funny guy, and Christoph is as well. They also bring international box office intrigue. On the business side of things, I imagine.

How’s the reunion with the three of you?

Oh, it’s great, that’s the primary reason I did it.  I suspect if you asked the question of the other two fella’s that they’d agree. We enjoy even doing this process, they split us all up, which I realize is helpful for you guys, that way you don’t have to deal with three talking heads but we genuinely even enjoy selling the film and speaking about the film with each other. The junket is just as fun as making it, it’s exactly as you always want and think being an actor in comedy would be. You know when you watch ‘Caddyshack’ you think, oh that must’ve been so much fun and you know, I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t there, but this is.

Can you introduce us to the shower buddy, or what it is?

Yeah, it is called the shower buddy, though there is a debate within the film, what it should be called. Basically it’s a new and improved showerhead that eliminates the time or amount you have to spend in the shower. Basically, it’s a showerhead that shoots the conditioner and shampoo and soap through it, not too dissimilar from a soda gun or at a carwash, it saves you those precious minutes. You know when you’re in a hot shower at the beginning of your day and you just want to get out of there into the freezing cold, yeah we’re eliminating that time.

Did you guys use a prototype or anything?

I’m the only one that’s used it; it’s in the very first scene of the film.  It works; it genuinely works, I’m proud to say that the three of us actually invented something that’s legitimate.  I don’t know if I would use one in my personal life but if it becomes the biggest product in America after this film, then so be it.

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