Jessica Chastain eyed for villain role in major new Marvel movie

The ‘Eyes of Tammy Faye’ and ‘It’ actress might just be up for a change of pace?


Jessica Chastain is reportedly being eyed to star alongside Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford in the next Captain America movie.

Captain America : New World Order, says Daniel RPK, will fix on “An international conflict over a new metal called Adamantium discovered on Tiamut, the celestial from Eternals who is now an Island. Every country want a piece of that new metal and to claim the Island as their own. Thunderbolt Ross who is now President is the villain of the film (but there are multiple villains in this one) who wants to claim the Island and the Adamantium at all cost and Sam’s Cap stand in his way trying to stop him by assembling a new group of heroes to oppose him.”

The news on Chastain (It, The Good Nurse) being up for the lead villain role was reported by MyTimeToShine.

Earlier in the week, the reporter mentioned that ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross (Ford), Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Leader (Tim Blake Nelson in The Incredible Hulk) are three of the five villains of the Julius Onah directed movie.

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