Moviehole MailBag – 30/6/05

Oooo-errrr Tax Time is once again upon us!
Hey there boys & girls, Adam Weeks back behind the wheel for another Mailbag here at the good ole Moviehole ranch. As always send through your questions and comments, and we’ll get to them as best as we can.
Here we go:

I haven’t seen "Prozac Nation”, but I still wish to thank you for your review. Simply from the presence of Ricci and M. Williams, I’m sure the movie must have a lot to recommend it. And CR should get credit for taking some heavy chances. Thanks for not missing her excellent work, as so many critics did re her "Monster" performance, and for those of Claire Danes and Billy Crudup in "Stage Beauty".
James McCloskey

Yep, it’s a strange beast that situation there with “Prozac Nation”, It bounced around for four years after it was made, getting excellent reviews whenever it did, but the studio always seemed really reluctant to do anything with it. I managed to catch it around a year ago now, and thought that it was great, so to those who are lucky enough to be able to see it now on “Starz”in the U.S., definitely check it out.

This poem is dedicated to Tinsel Town.
Ain’t Life A Bitch! ; Ain’t life a bitch.; One minute you’re young and soft, the next you’re
old and dried up like a prune. Ain’t life a bitch.; Remember the times gone by when you were sixteen and a half but you couldn’t wait to tell the world you were seventeen? Now you are one day
away from your fiftieth birthday but you still tell the world "I’m forty-nine"
Ain’t life a bitch.; At one point I thought I had found the fountain of youth, but low and behold it was not. It was my plastic surgeon. The next best thing to Mother Nature. He has tucked and pulled so much of me soon my belly button will be a dimple on my chin.; Ain’t life a bitch. I want to exude life and vitality, but my bones are moaning and groaning. Ain’t life a bitch.; I smile but my face has no expression, it’s pumped up with botox, its in a complete state of shock, my brain sends the signal that I should smile but what should come out like a smile comes out with utter confusion. Ain’t Life A Bitch!!!


Hey Clint,
I rented Clerks the other night and I was rolling on the ground through the whole movie, then I decided to buy it on DVD, when I went to buy it at the video store, people said there was rumors about a Clerks 2 coming out this year 2005, can you confirm it, or is it just a load of it?

Well, maybe, but maybe not. Kevin Smith announced a little while ago that he would be making “Clerks 2: Hardly Clerkin’”, and then shortly thereafter announced it would now be called “The Passion Of The Clerks”. But since then, there’s been pretty much nothing doing on the whole shebang, and latest rumour doing the rounds is that the film may just well be once again on the backburner, with “Fletch”more than likely coming to the forefront.

Hey guys,
Awhile back I heard rumors that they might be making a “Band Of Brothers” sequel. I was wondering if this is still in the works or not. Also I am a fan of the Dune booksmovies and was wondering if there are any plans to do any more movies about the books?

Hey Ben. As far as any follow up goes with “Band Of Brothers”, the rumours have been running rampant since the original mini-series came out and got (deserved) universal praise. As far as a continuation of the 101st Airborne Easy Company goes, I think it’s pretty doubtful seeing as how the series ended with the capturing of the Eagle’s Nest at the end of World War II, however, I did hear a little bit of gossip a while ago that a new mini-series focusing solely on the lead-up and initial D-Day missions may be in the works, but I haven’t heard a thing on that since. As far as “Dune”goes, after countless mini-series, shorts, books, and semi-intelligible film adaptations, I don’t think there’s going to be anything substantial coming up soon on the Herbert front.
Just as a quick aside about “BoB”, for all you “Spaced” & “Shaun Of The Dead” fans, go back and watch the first few episodes of “Band” and keep your eyes peeled for Simon “Shaun” Pegg as a sniveling little bastard.

Do you know if the movie Monster Squad will ever be released on DVD. I heard there was problems with the movie rights. It’s one of my childhood favs. Thanks.

Aw Kincade, it sucked when they killed you off in “Nightmare 4: The Dream Master”. Anyway, you’ve ht the nail on the head with “The Monster Squad”. Rights issues have indeed delayed the release of any DVD, however, if you’ve got a compatible VCR, you can grab it from overseas on VHS.

Hi there,
Great website by the way! I am just wondering about the American Pie sequel, American Pie 4: Band
Camp. Could you please tell me when it’s being released and if it will be at the cinema or direct to video? Also, I’ve heard that Eugene Levy is to be in this sequel, could you please tell me if there are any more of the returning cast appearing in this sequel? Thank you very much for your time!

Hey MGS, I like your Playstation games. *ahem* “American Pie: Band Camp” will be headed straight for Video Stores sometime in October / November from the looks of it. Cast-wise, the rumour mill has run a little rampant here, so take these with a grain of salt: Eddie Kaye Thomas as Paul Finch, Jennifer Coolidge as Stiffler’s Mom, Chris Owen as “The Sherminator”, and for a glorified cameo only, Sean William Scott may have been coerced back to play Stiffler. Personally I liked the treatment that surfaced a while back, “American Baby” which centered around the lead-up to the birth of Jim & Michelle’s first little pie-f**ker….. Ah well, it’s not to be.

What up Clint,
What’s this news I hear about Van Damme actually trying to do another “Universal Soldier” movie, something like “Universal Soldier 3 – Industrialized Peril”? Any truth to this story?
Johnny 5.

I don’t doubt that Jean Claude is trying to get another any-kind-of-film off the ground, but let’s face it, the only thing the guy has been good in over the last ten years was his guest spot on “Las Vegas”. As far as stories about another “Universal Soldier” on the way, the studio says….. “Nope”.

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