New Superman being sought!?

A new rumor suggests it’ll be three and out for current Superman Henry Cavill.

With Warner Bros seemingly intent on distancing themselves of everything pre-“Wonder Woman” – notably, the Ben Affleck-starring ‘Batman’ movies and the dire “Justice League”- is it a surprise to hear that a ‘Superman’ reboot, featuring a brand-new Kal El, could be in the works?

According to We Got This Covered, the WB are developing a brand-new ‘Superman’ – one that will take place in the same universe and timeline as the forthcoming reboot of Batman (“The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson) and a new Supergirl film (rumored to shoot next year).  Cavill, who played Superman/Clark Kent in “Man of Steel”, “Batman vs Superman” and “Justice League”, is “no longer attached to the role.”

While it’s definitely a shame (Cavill was wonderful), if true (and there’s no way to know if it is yet), there has been some head-butting in recent times over financials, so Warner and Cavill might be only too pleased to go their separate ways. Furthermore, I’m sure the towering Brit was as appalled by his most recent ‘Superman’ entry – “Justice League” (aka the home of mo-gate) – as the rest of us were.

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