Nicolas Cage set to play John McAfee!?

Feature would follow the well-received 2022 doc ‘Running With the Devil’


Nicolas Cage is reportedly attached to play antivirus kingpin and fugitive John McAfee in a movie about his time in Brazil the movie called King of the Jungle.

The project, and the Face/Off star’s involvement, was revealed by internet insider Daniel RPK today.

On 13 February 2022, and despite his ex-girlfriend alleging that McAfee faked his death to avoid tax evasion charges, a Spanish court ruled that the antivirus pioneer turned fugitive died by suicide.

The project, which follows a well-retrieved 2022 Netflix doc on McAfee, is said to be set up with STX (yep, wasn’t sure they were still in operation under that name!?), who before their recent acquisition by Jahm Najafi produced such films as Den of Thieves, The Upside, and Greenland.

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