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No Sudden Move Review : One of the coolest films of the year!

Besides the incredible cast, what else makes No Sudden Move a must watch on HBO Max?

Credit : Warner Bros

What does Steven Soderbergh have up his sleeve for his latest film? He must have something right? Whether it is filming a whole film on an iPhone like Unsane or letting Meryl Streep and friends go full blown unscripted on the board of Let Them All Talk, Soderbergh is always able to have something interesting to talk about from a technical standpoint. And where is this new film going to drop? Soderbergh is one of the highest profile artists who have expanded beyond the confines of the cinema. He has done original content for HBO, jumped over to the streaming king with Netflix, and now making a nice niche for himself on HBO Max. I hope you are ready for HBO Max’s latest original film from Soderbergh packed full of distorted lenses, No Sudden Move.

Besides his bold choices when it comes to lenses, what is No Sudden Move? This is a crime thriller packed to the gills with so much talent. Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro play small-time criminals (both trying to make things work) who get brought in for a job. What is the job? They need to hold a family hostage while the husband (David Harbour) steals something from his boss in the automotive industry. Harbour has many secrets both work and intimacy related as he struggles to balance his motivations. John Hamm is a lawman chasing down this crazy scheme which has more twists and turns to count.

Cheadle and Del Toro are both fantastic with layered and relatable performances where we can connect with these criminals. Harbour is vulnerable and manic in his struggles to keep himself together. Hamm is…well charming in the “John Hamm” kind of way. Brendan Fraser pops in as an exposition dumping heavy who is a blast to see be so intimidating on screen. Kiernan Culkin makes a slimy appearance while Ray Liotta and Bill Duke play some powerful men pulling strings. The unsung hero just might be Julia Fox who is a wild card in this overly complex plot. Two things can be guaranteed in this one…the plot is hard to follow and there is a fun surprise towards the end. This story might be overly messy but it sure is heck a good time thanks to Ed Solomon’s writing.

Besides the incredible cast, what else makes No Sudden Move a must watch on HBO Max? Soderbergh is one of the coolest directors in Hollywood and this new flick shows it. The production design and Detroit setting really makes the most of its 50’s setting (shout out to that beautiful old school Warner Bros. logo). The lenses are really distracting at times, but they do give the film a unique look to it. It should go without saying that a Soderbergh film has a cool and smooth score…but David Holmes’ score is exactly that. The film is filled with intrigue, tension, and shocking twists and turns. You may think you know where it is going…but you do not. That is one of the best parts of this movie. The deep themes of redemption and putting your past behind you adds the needed layers to put it over.

Are you going to be jumping headlong into this crime thriller on HBO Max? Why wouldn’t you? You get the cool style of Soderbergh to draw you in. This amazing cast will keep you engaged and invested. The complex (even a bit too complicated) plot will keep you guessing around every turn. You want to experience something cool? Go check out No Sudden Move right.

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