Paramount remaking Internal Affairs

While we anxiously awaiting the inevitable Disney+ update on “Pretty Woman” and Lifetime’s “An Officer & A Gentlemen”, one of Richard Gere’s lesser-known but best characters is getting a small-screen update.
Remember this one? “Internal Affairs”? Gere was the dirty-as-mud cop that had his own partner (Billy Baldwin) killed, and not just so he could continue banging his wife. Andy Garcia was the do-gooder I.A officer on his tail. Mike Figgis directed.
The performances in this one, particularly from Gere, Garcia and Nancy Travis, as Garcia’s long-suffering partner, are dynamite.
It came out the same year as “Pretty Woman” but, and although reviews bordered largely on the positive, it didn’t make as much coin as Gere’s rom-com.

The reboot, set up at Paramount with Todd Garner, who recently worked with the studio on the family film “Playing with Fire”, is producing under his Broken Road Productions banner.

Paramount are really rummaging through their vaults at the moment, seemingly determined to update many of their brands from the 90s. They’ve an “Indecent Proposal” remake in the works, recently announced an update of “Face/Off” and, as widely reported and hissed at, they’ve a “Clueless” remake in development.

Via ‘The Hollywood Reporter

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