Portman on Leon, Lois and Looking Fine

Moviehole recently invaded the London set of "V for Vendetta", catching up with stars Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman, as well as its dandy director, James McTiegue. Shaping up to be a cool-as-frozen-coke flick.

We’ll have our set visit, plus interviews with the abovementioned trio up later in the year – but must give a special thanks to Warners and the PR peeps for treating us exceptionally well during the two days. Jayne, thank you for a warm welcome on a cold night outside Westminster, waiting for filming to commence.

Natalie Portman was as gorgeous and gracious as ever, discussing everything from "Superman Returns" to a sequel to "Leon".

Nat hasn’t heard whether one’s going to happen, but the dazzler behind Queen Amidala’s buns said a "Leon" sequel is something she’s interested in.

She wants to take this opportunity to raise her hand now, signalling her interest. "I’d jump at the chance", Portman says, with regard to continuing her famed character Mathilda. It was revealed that a UK based writer had recently written a spec outline for a sequel and she has had a chat about it, with the writer, but that’s as far as its gotten.

As for rumours that Portman was close to snagging the Lois Lane gig in "Superman Returns" there for a while – totally untrue, she was never in the running.

More on "V for Vendetta" later on in the year.

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