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Ridley Scott prepping two new Alien TV shows!?

HD Entertainment, who had the scoop on a new “Alien” series that might be in development, have more juice on the project – or rather, projects.

The site believes there are now two films in development that play out in the world of Ridley Scott’s hit science-fiction film, with one of them housed at Hulu.

Says the site :

Details are scarce at the moment but there might be multiple seasons that could tackle different corners/eras of the franchise, not unlike Noah Hawley’s series Fargo. In theory, I could see them possibly filling gaps in the franchise or crafting brand new stories to tell within the Alien universe. It still seems to be the very early days with these projects and I can’t exactly speak to what they’ll be about at the moment.

It’s been an exciting week for “Alien” fans, with “Aliens” director James Cameron revealing last week that he might be helping get the next instalment in the film series going.

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