Rumor Time : Henry Cavill as Captain Britain?


Take it with a jot of brackish for now but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some of this has merit. Anyone that knows the situation with Warner Bros and “Justice League”, and the characters tied to that particular movie, will know why.

So, Henry Cavill, whose Superman future is clearly up in the air (they just announced a reboot, for starters), is rumoured to have met with Marvel studios about porting his strengths over to the house of Feige.

According to Patreon scooper Daniel Richtman, the “Enola Holmes” actor is said to have met with comic book movie brass there about taking on the role of either Hercules or Captain Britain in a future project. If it’s the former, there’s a chance we might see him don the dusty togs in the upcoming “Thor : Love and Thunder”, if even for a cameo.

“Captain Britain”, first published in the 70s, snagged powers from the legendary magician Merlyn and his daughter Roma. That character was introduced as somewhat of an exclusive gift to the British market.

Marvel’s “Hercules”, first debuting in the ‘40s, as the son of Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, and Alcmena of Thebes in Ancient Greece. In recent years, he’s been helping out the Avengers on earth.

As I said, ‘take it with a grain..’ but I do like the idea of a Cavill-Britain.

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