Scripts for Daredevil and Ant-Man have come out good

Two of the big tight-promoting films of the next couple of years, “Daredevil” from David Slade and “Ant Man” from Edgar Wright, have flung their scripts onto the desk of each film’s respective studio chief.

They any good? Of course they are… say the writers and director of both.

Firstly, Speaking to Matt’s Movie Reviews for the local release of “Attack the Block”, Joe Cornish mentioned (in addition to confirming the talk of a U.S remake of his 2011 alien invasion hit) his script for Marvel’s long-gestating “Ant Man” movie.

“It’s good! You know, we’ve been working on that for a while now. We’ve delivered a draft earlier in the year and that’s really in the hands of Edgar [Wright] and Marvel as to if and when they’ll make it. But we’re pretty excited about our draft. He’s a pretty cool character. You know, he’s not a hugely famous Marvel character but in a way that’s kind of cool because people don’t have too many pre-conceptions or expectations. We feel that in quite a crowded market he is a very unique and very different kind of comic book hero. So it will be great if Ant Man got made at some point. We think we’ve written a pretty cool script.”

Considering this movie has been in the cards for a good five or six years now, don’t start lining up just yet, but it’s nice to know we may have gotten a little closer to seeing the pint-sized Avenger.

Meantime, David Slade (“30 Days of Night”) says they’ve a great script for the “Daredevil” movie reboot (which “Twilight” alum Xavier Samuel was once mooted for) but it won’t be before the New Year that we start hearing anything official on the movie.

Slade tweets, “@bradcalebkane did an amazing job on script with high pressure deadline. We will be doing more work on it”.

Not a big fan of movie remakes, but every time a superhero movie is redone it seems to turn out better than the version before (though the jury’s out on “Man of Steel”, I guess). I’ve a feeling Slade might be able to bring us a truly great “Daredevil” movie – even if there will be no Spidey cameo.

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