Sequel Updates : The Best Man 2, Crouching Tiger 2, Dumb & Dumber To, Blade Runner 2

The Best Man 2

Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall have all signed on to reprise their roles from 1999’s “The Best Man” for a sequel. ”Malcolm D. Lee is returning as director and producing along with Sean Daniel. The original movie was an ensemble piece that told of a commitment shy man who is asked to be the best man at his friend’s wedding. The new movie, with a script by Lee, sees the college friends reunite over the Christmas holiday and discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited.” (THR)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2

The Weinstein’s are gearing up to do a sequel to the classic chop-suey blockbuster. Ronny Yu (“Freddy vs. Jason”) is in talks to direct. “This was an opportunity to explore a lifelong passion I’ve had for Wu Sia, and if there wasn’t continuing source material, I would never have gotten involved,” writer John Fusco told Deadline. The sequel continues to revolve around Yu Shu Lien, the character played in the original by Michelle Yeoh. It’s not immediately clear yet which actors will reprise, but some likely will. “This introduces a new generation of star-crossed lovers, and a new series of antagonists in a battle of good and evil. It has a Knights Errant quality. There is an alternate universe in the books, a martial forest that exists alongside the real world, full of wandering sword fighters, medicine men, defrocked priests, poets, sorcerers and Shaolin renegades. It’s so vast and rich, and I found characters from the second and third books in the series to create a most interesting stew while being as true to the source material as I could be.” (Deadline)

Dumb & Dumber To

The sequel is still very much a go, says co-writer/director Peter Farrelly. “If I told you the plot, you’d say, ‘That’s s***’. But if I’d told you the first one – ‘It’s about two guys who find a briefcase and bring it to Aspen to meet a chick’ – you’d say, ‘You’re f***ing with me. That’s not a movie!’” (The Sun)

Blade Runner 2

Sean Young has spoken out on the in-dev sequel to the 1982 classic, in which she played Rachael. ”’Well, I did meet with Alcon, the company that owns it and is planning to do the remake with Ridley. I did meet with them, but I think at that point they just wanted to meet me and I don’t think they have any plans of using any of the original people, although I can’t say for sure. I do think, let me just say it right here, I do think it would be a disappointment to the audience not to have Rachel in it but you know what, folks in Hollywood make mistakes all the time. I guess depending on your interpretation of the film, she might have only lasted four years. Oh no, in the interpretation I’m the one that has no end date. I’m the one that rides off in the car with him at the end that has no end date. I’m Nexus-7, not Nexus-6.” (Crave Online)

Nic Mathieu is in talks to direct Warner’s Robotech

Dave Franco