Set Visit : Superman Returns Pt.12

Superman Returns Set Visit Report – Part 12

Day 2: Friday July 29th (continued)

Up, Up and Away – Tour Ends

While many of the other reporters on the set visit tour were from general movie/entertainment websites, I and a couple of others were specifically from sites dedicated solely to Superman. I know for me, this being my first set visit/press junket, these two days in late July 2005 will be something I’ll remember forever.

The movie hasn’t been released yet, Brandon Routh isn’t a mega-star yet, “Superman Returns” hasn’t won over our hearts yet… However I just kept thinking to myself, “Imagine if you’d had a chance to do all this in 1977-1978?” Imagine having been able to visit the sets in Pinewood Studios in London. Imagine having been able to sit in the same room as Christopher Reeve and ask him questions about playing Superman. It would have been awesome! And in that same way, this whole experience for me was just like that. An experience I’ll never forget.

Now imagine having to hold your tongue about this whole experience for 10 months! Yep, we had to sign an embargo agreement that meant we weren’t allow to publish a full report on all this until today. The majority of this report was actually written and compiled in August 2005 while the experience was still fresh in my memory. It sat waiting on my computer’s harddrive for 10 long months. Hopefully it’s been worth the wait.

In less than 2 days Superman returns and once again we’ll believe a man can fly.


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